First Pic

Here’s a photo of me with the new (to me) car. No numbers/logos yet, and I still don’t quite fit in it… Note the “National Ski Patrol” link on the jacket–season went long, and I was on this hill the next day. Mixing my hobbies.

Bought a Miata


Well, I did it–I bought a 1992 SSM (“Showroom Spec Miata”) yesterday. With the price that these cars go for, it just didn’t make sense to rent for an entire weekend. It has the identical Kirkey containment seat as my 911, so I know I’ll be comfortable in it (after some “adjustments” to get the halo part higher so it doesn’t hit my shoulders. The car had a few podium finishes last year, so I know that if I’m at the back (and I fully expect to be until I’m more comfortable with the platform), it will be the driver, not the car. First race is an SCCA MARRS event at Summit Point on April 11-12 – wish me luck!