Watkins Glen Club Race 2012 (plus all of 2011…)

Back on the blog! Only did one race last year due to some personal health issues early in the year, but planning on more this year!

Last year I again did the PCA race at Summit Point – the 20th Anniversary of PCA Club Racing. As opposed the the first year, I ended up mid-pack in Stock E class. Unfortunately, at the start of the 2nd lap of the Enduro, a back-starting Cayman Cup took a point-by pass then spun in front of me. With a car to my right and another close on my tail, I chose to drive left, off the track, to avoid T-boning the spinning car. I hit the wet gras and then hard into the berm. The other driver, who finished the race well after running another car of the track, turned his back on me when I walked up to him after the race. A-hole! Frame damage and had to replace the strut, control arm, ball joint, and steering rack. But I got it fixed.

Just spent the weekend at the PCA Watkins Glen Club Race (“Clash at the Glen”), and had a great time. There were 30 cars in E class, and I was again mid-pack in the sprint races (although the 2 fastest cars in class were almost 10 seconds/lap faster than me!!). On Sunday it rained heavily, and I went out on brand new Hoosier H2Os (“wets”) which I had never driven on before. Got a great start, and then continued with a great race. Of 72 cars entered and 52 that actually started, I finished 7th overall, and 5th in class (out of 20). I don’t think I’ve ever driven better, or even close to that well. It was truly thrilling!

Here is the start (just the first lap).