Transmission update…and MORE!

Okay, so transmission broke on August 16th, and I quickly found an appropriate one (from a 911SC) on eBay and picked it up on August 23rd, and installed it (with much help from an old friend) on August 28-30. The car was ready for VIR September 4-6, and performed flawlessly on the drive down, hours on the track, and the drive back (>250 miles each way). A few special things about the weekend:

  • On the way down, I stopped off near Richmond and bought a coupe roller, to try to get ready for the track by next season. The caveat is that it stays in Richmond until I complete my promise to the spouse to get the house cleaned out. Making good progress so far (nothing like the right incentive!).
  • While at VIR I took and passed my race checkout drive. I hope to take a NASA class next spring (in the coupe :D). Better learn those rules…
  • I drove a 2:24:84 in my Targa with an almost-stock suspension (improved bushings and slightly larger torsion bars)–I was pleased

So one step closer. Lots to do between now and next spring, but it’s DE’s, instructing, and cleaning the house for now. (oops, and work too, of course).