Build update

Quick update:
Frame is straight, thanks to Chuck’s Frame in Richmond.
Roll cage is in, and new seat mounted just above the floor by Piper Motorsports. Driver’s side has NASCAR bars and a gutted door, and passenger side has an “X” just inside the door. With the sunroof delete and revised seat mounting (which still includes sliders), I now have almost 5″ above my head (I’m 6′, 5-1/2″)!

More about that seat: If you’ve been in OG Racing recently, they had a prototype Kirkey seat sitting next to their counter. It’s still not on OG Racing’s or Kirkey’s web sites, but it’s a containment seat that’s easier to get in and out of than their prior version (still available) and very comfortable, at least for short periods of time. I bought that prototype since that was the only way I could get one in time to have it mounted before the car headed back to Richmond for some body work (rear fender replacements) and paint (still black).

I’ve sourced used front and rear fiberglass bumpers, and they’ll need to be painted separately since they won’t be available until after the current work is done. Then just a few (hah!) little things left like rebuilding the transmission, installing an LSD (which I think I’ve found), installing the motor and transmission, welding on new rear sway bar mounts, removing lots of extraneous wiring, installing a kill switch, installing the bumpers, replacing the oil lines and running extensions up to the bumper, installing the center oil cooler, replacing the windshield, rear window, and quarter windows (removed for the cage), installing headlights, installing turn-signal lights, installing tow hooks, having it aligned, shaking it out, adjusting the suspension, and all those other things I’ve forgotten about.

It’s fun and rewarding, and will be a lot more rewarding when I get it on the track!

I’m considering a steering wheel quick release, but that will probably come later.

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