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My son got a new helmet. While he got a great deal, it would have been helpful to have the HANS anchors installed at the same time (now his dad may have to do it). When I bought the HANS (see first post) I watched them install the anchors, and the instructions seem very clear (esp. the part about “measure twice, drill once!”). Just need to get the anchors, a little time…with Mid-Ohio coming up very soon. I might just try to convince the wife how much fun a drive up to OG would be (hey, bring the helmet and HANS while you’re at it–and can you wait while they install it?). We’re going to share the HANS at first, esp. because few student cars will have harnesses so it won’t be as helpful. 

2 thoughts on “Share a HANS Device

  1. DoubleD and I installed 2 on Ls and my helmet in about 35 minutes. Was featured in DerVor last month. U can remove and install your motor-trans and change the clutch, you can do install the fuching clips boy-o!

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