PCA Club Race at the Glen

Well, just came back from another fun weekend at the Glen (cut short by a very short visit to my mother on the way home, just 5 hours out of the way). I did my usual mid-pack performance, but I was on RA-1s instead of the much stickier Hoosiers, and still ran a personal best of 2:18 (and consistently 2:18-2:19 without traffic). Unfortunately the most “exciting” part of the weekend was not one of the Sprint races, but during the “Fun Race” on Friday afternoon, as can be seen at about 2:45 in the video.

PCA Clash at the Glen 2014 – Fun Race

Fortunately, almost no damage to either car and no official blame assigned (it was, per the rules, my fault because I wasn’t far enough up on the other car, and should have backed off despite of how it may look on the video–especially since this was just supposed to be a “fun” race…). The weather in the Fingerlakes region was amazingly beautiful.