Making a serious commitment

Well, first the commitment: I’ve purchased a 1986 Carrera Coupe roller, slightly bent, and intend to build it into a track car (PCA Club Racing “E” stock, street legal of course – I still intend to drive to the track). It’s in Richmond, VA right now, and goes to the frame shop at the end of this month, then to the body shop in November (cut off the flared venders, weld on new steel stock metal, fix bent right rear quarter panel, etc. and then full paint job), then to Piper Motorsports for a full cage around New Years. The cage should be interesting, because I want to maximize safety with something approaching Nascar bars, but since I’ll drive to the track, need to be able to operate the window, at least somewhat. Want the car to be legal for both PCA and NASA, but not too heavy either. Mitch Piper has more experience than I do (or anyone I know) and hopefully he’ll have the best compromise. I’m going to have my Carrera transmission rebuilt – considering limited slip – but might do it myself if I decide to hold off on the LSD. For now, I’ll use the engine from my Targa but I’m trying to find a good deal on a 3.2 for either the Targa or the track car. I’m hoping it’s together and ready by the end of February for the NASA Comp School (which I hope to attend). Otherwise, I’ll get the cage in the Targa updated or rent a race car for that weekend.

Now an update: Since my last update, I spent 3 wonderful days at VIR (and had a PCA race checkout). They combined Red and Black which gave more track time, and really gave my left arm a workout. Then this past weekend I went to NJMP – Thunderbolt with PCA Delaware region. Although this is only their second track event, Delaware Region did a great job and hosted a wonderful event. FOUR HOURS of track time on Friday (open only to solo drivers), and another 3-1/2 hours or so spread over Saturday and Sunday. It’s a wonderful track with 2 maddeningly slow areas that I know are costing me seconds (both related to the only 2 left turns on the track). Although my usual friends weren’t able to come, I made some new friends there and, once I found the cars that were about my speed (especially Chip C, seen playing in this video) it was a blast. The car performed well – a little loose as usual, but I only got “too loose” twice 🙁 Note: steering 2 off without losing control is not, for the purposes of this blog, considered “too loose”).
Needed purchases for next year:
For car:
3.2 Engine
Race seats (or use what I have – Recaro SRDs which are relatively heavy)
(frame/body work, paint)
For driver:
Nomex socks (and more than one pair)
I guess I’d better start buying lottery tickets…