Last track event of the season…

Ben (and many others) joined me at Summit Point last weekend for PCA Potomac’s last DE of the season, and we had a great weekend, albeit a bit cold. We got the car back from Billy at Performance Auto Works on Friday morning, and it ran beautifully. Track was in great shape and had plenty of grip, and engine profited nicely from a little extra HP due to the cold. Running RA-1s I was able to log multiple laps in the 1:26’s and Ben improved tremendously over the weekend, too. I had a great student, both personality and driving-skills wise, and really loved his 993. Here are some videos from the weekend.

The first is Friday morning Red run group


The second is Sunday afternoon, combined Red/Black group (only the middle of the session, from when I remembered to turn the camera on until it ran out of battery power).


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