Summit Point Club Race, September 2013

Not much to say about this one. Missed a shift during the first practice Friday and was out for the weekend. That’s what they mean by “money shift!” Bent my exhaust valves – only checked the compression on one cylinder – 0 (as in ZERO)! After much discussion decided to take the car to Performance Auto Works, and just got word today the car is ready for a test drive. Replaced all 6 exhaust valves, and also needed to replace all rockers (possible damage with an overshift) and my driver’s side cam shaft was shot, too.¬†Will be back at Summit Point with Ben for a final DE :D. Have to put a big THANK YOU to Bob Woodman Tires, who had just loaded a new set of HoHos on my wheels, and took them off (no charge to me) when they heard my car was down for the count and it was my last race of the season. Definitely unexpected and much appreciated.

Here’s the video of the missed shift – main straight, 4->5 went 4->3 as I was trying to keep Sean Foster behind me…

Money Shift at Summit Point

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